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FlareClan's Legacy is a fanfiction written by myself (Wiki User: Sealloverlovesseal) based off of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, and will be released once is finished. All characters, events, books, or other things related to the fanfic will be placed on this wiki for mostly myself to keep all organized.

FlareClan Significant InfoEdit

Territory: A forest of oak and pine, once burnt by a wildfire, giving the clan their unique fiery name. As much as the forest has grown since the flames, you can tell it was once burnt by the darkened trees and the patches of nothingness within the territory. Also, Fire Lilies are numerous, as these flowers appear rapidly after a forestfire has flared.
In The Beginning: FlareClan was first started by Sleetstar, before Sleetfur. She is a very thick furred white she-cat with silver ears and whole fox-like tail- bright orange eyes. Her mother told stories of the forestfire down to Sleetfur and her siblings, and after Sleetfur ran into WindClan while searching for a certain herb to heal her mother; Sleetfur realized how wonderful clan life was. The territory that Sleetfur and her kin inhabitated was already named "The Land of Flaring Flames", named by nearby rogues. The day her mother passed away left Sleetfur and her two siblings very sickly, and her siblings had passed. A rogue in the area named Quick and his sister Aspen supported Sleetfur and within around 3 moons Quick and Sleetfur had become mates. She remembered WindClan, and was ready to plan how she would create her own clan.. FlareClan. She recruited many rogues, and took in all she knew from the time with WindClan, which was only a moon. Once she had enough cats interested, every cat's rogue names were added a suffix and Sleetfur became Sleetstar. Quick had become Quickthunder, and was made deputy of FlareClan. Aspen had become Aspenberry. FlareClan was born.
Significant Leaders:
~=~Sleetstar~=~ Very thick furred, white she-cat with silver ears and silver fox-like tail. Thick fur rings her neck. Bright orange eyes. Mates with: Quickthunder.
Significant Deputies:
~=~Quickthunder~=~ Slender white tom with very dark gray tabby patches smearing his pelt, looking more like rushed smudges and streaks. His eyes are the color of yellowish orange, amber. Mates with: Sleetstar.
Significant Medicine Cats:
~=~Tinyoak~=~ Small creamy brown tom with soft fur and also soft blue eyes. Creamy lighter brown underside. One of his paws is twisted from falling into a ditch. Apprentice: Ryefern

~=~Ryefern~=~ Golden brown tabby she-cat with a ginger tabby front leg. White underside, paws, and tailtip. Kind dark brown eyes.

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Wiki Account: Sealloverlovesseal

Email: Only will give out to trustworthy individuals


Fire Lily (A Flower That Appears After A Forestfire)

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